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    'Understanding Male Eating Disorders'

    Places available for workshop in Glasgow on 10th July. Download course details here.

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    16-12-14 - February Carer's Conference programme and booking form download on side panel.

    21-11-14 - February 2015 Carers' Conference, Edinburgh, Advance Flyer download

    16-10-14 - November conference and booking form now available from the side panel

    24-07-14 - We are now a registered charity! See here.

    25-01-14 - Committee Meeting date announced. See side panel.

    25-01-14 - Details of conference dates for 2014. See side panel.

    25-01-14 - Understanding Male Eating Disorders workshop. See side panel.

    25-01-14 - Eating Disorders Scotland Families and Carers discussion session. See side panel.

    12-12-13 - November 2013 AGM minutes now available as a PDF file. See side panel.

    04-12-13 - Eating Carers' Conference - see side panel.

    04-12-13 - Downloads of PowerPoint presentations used in November '13 conference.

    14-10-13 - Programme for next conference posted. See left panel.

    06-09-13 - Dates for next conference posted, plus booking form. See left panel.

    15-08-13 - Postponement of conference of 3rd October. See left side panel.

    31-05-13 - Details of Compassion Focussed Therapy Training courses on left panel.

    30-03-13 - Latest newsletter - Recovery and Maintenance Conference Report

    15-04-13 - Changes made to committee membership. See here.

    19-03-13 - Programme for June conference and fees notice added. See side panel.

    08-03-13 - Dates for this year's conferences released (see side panel).

    15-01-13 - Scottish Carer Conference Flyer and booking form for March conference added.

    07-01-13 - Help Groups page updated with details of Aberdeen NEEDS group

    19-09-12 - Conference programme for October added. See left panel.

    18-09-12 - ChildLine UK web site link added. See left panel.

    18-05-12 - Eating Disorders Service in Scotland 2012 document. Download.

    18-05-12 - TV coverage of Memorial Service - BBC coverage | STV coverage

    30-04-12 - No Bodies Perfect newsletter

    27-07-10 - Research project for the origins of eating disorders. Do you wish to participate?

    24-04-12 - MSPs praise eating disorder interest group

    Latest newsletter

    01-02-12 - Help Groups page updated with details of Glasgow (Parents And Carers Together)

    03-11-11 - Scottish Eating Disorders Carer's Conference - March 2012 flyer download

    20-09-11 - November conference date/venue and programme added to LH panel.

    31-05-11 - Help Groups page updated with details of Edinburgh Carers Council

    Spring 2011 newsletter

    14-04-11 - Conference booking form now available. See LH side panel.

    07-04-11 - Conference date added to side panel. Topic: An update of research projects taking place in Scotland and an update on EEATS along with a workshop session.

    07-03-11 - Help Groups page updated with details of St Andrews group

    10-01-11 - Counselling Directory web site added to Useful links. See left.

    14-12-10 - Scottish Eating Disorder Carer's Conference Programme and booking forms added. See left.

    23-11-10 - Committee members update

    19-11-10 - Confidence Building Project

    08-11-10 - The Princess Royal Trust Borders Carers Centre added to side bar

    22-10-10 - Help Groups added to navigation bar.

    12-10-10 - NHS: Forthcoming Conferences - Psychological Therapies document and programme/application form

    Autumn 2010 newsletter

    17-09-10 - Programme and Booking Form for October meeting added (see left side panel for download links).

    27-07-10 - Self-help for Bulimia. Exciting new research

    10-06-10 - Historic day for members of SEDIG committee

    05-03-10 - New membership application form added. See left side panel for download link.

    01-03-10 - Programme for conference on 19th March added.

    15-02-10 - Booking form for conference on 19th March added.

    03-02-10 - Letter to SEDIG from Shona Robison, Scottish Minister for Public Health and Sport.

    12-01-10 - EEATS web sit elink added to Useful links on side panel.

    05/01/10 - Dates of next meetings added (see left side panel).

    15/12/09 - Details of SEDIG Carer's Conference added (30 January 2010). Download programme.

    Autumn 2009 newsletter

    12/10/09 - November conference Booking and Programme forms now available. See side panel.

    07/09/09 - beat Beating Eating Disorders conference poster added. Download.

    27/07/09 - No Body is Perfect booking form. Download.

    26/05/09 - SEDIG/EEATS Training Day Programme added (see left panel)

    Spring 2009 newsletter

    30/03/09 - NOTE: Autumn conference date change.

    06/03/09 - Programme and Booking Form added for April meeting.

    27/02/09 - Committee page updated

    25/02/09 - Dates added for October conference and committee meetings (see side panel).

    19/12/08 - beat National Carers Conference poster added. Download.

    16/10/08 - Eating Disorder Carers Database added. Download.

    09/10/08 - Appeal for help with research project. Read more here.

    01/10/08 - New SEDIG site goes live!

    25/09/08 - Flyer, programme and booking form added for 'The House of Change' conference to be held on 29 November, in Dundee.

    13/08/08 - Booking form and programme added for next conference in October

    13/08/08 - Details of Co-Morbidity and Complexity in Eating Disorders Conference 13 & 14 November 2008

    New web site URL:

    Dates for next meeting (see left panel).

    Spring 2008 newsletter

    03/01/08 - Date of the next meeting (see below)